Grandma freaks out when she thinks baby is floating away on a bunch of balloons: ‘Omg, I am dying’

A grandma is going viral for her hilarious reaction to a balloon prank, and people across the globe are cracking up.

Instagram user @malluaecom posted the footage — and while we don’t know much about the family in the video, the funny footage transcends all need for details, as it has already gained millions of views and likes.

Like this wife’s hilarious UPS prank gone wrong, this video proves that when a harmless prank is done properly, there’s nothing funnier.

In the video, we see a presumed grandmother setting up for a gender reveal party (complete with the “Boy or Girl” banner she just finished hanging).

Suddenly, a voice from behind the camera, presumably the baby’s mom, declares, “Look at Emerson!”

Grandma turns to look — and when she does, she sees little Emerson seemingly suspended by a bunch of balloons, like something out of the Pixar movie Up.

“Emerson! Oh my gosh! Get her!” the grandmother shrieks, running to rescue the little girl “floating” up to the ceiling.

That’s when Emerson’s presumed dad steps forward, cracking up. Relief visibly washes over Grandma as she clasps a hand to her chest and exclaims, “Oh my word!”

The group has a good laugh as Emerson blinks on in innocent, nonplussed confusion.

Viewers around the world cracked up at the harmless prank

While the family in the video spoke English, the footage seemed to transcend all language barriers, as viewers from around the world weighed in in the comments.

Many of them tagged their friends and family members, hoping to share a laugh and inspire a funny prank themselves.

“Fazer isso com os sobrinhos,” wrote one Portuguese viewer — which translates to, “do this with the nephews.”

“Bitte mit Murta das ausprobieren aber wenn Mama dabei ist,” wrote a German viewer — which means, “please try it out with Murta but if Mom is there.”

“Faut faire ça à nos mamans,” commented a French viewer — which translates to, “we have to do that to our moms.”

Grandma and baby Emerson prove that laughter truly is a universal language and that sometimes, social media can be a great unifier.

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