Mom uses baby’s foot as gua sha facial massager in hilarious TikTok

This busy mom found the perfect accessory for her skincare regimen: Her baby’s foot. 

Like a lot of mothers, TikTok mom @ilizas doesn’t always have time to keep up with her beauty routine. After all, buying all of those tools and accessories can be expensive. But even if you could afford them, who has the time to use them when they’ve got little ones running around?

So when @ilizas was in need of a little gua sha, a face massaging practice in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she had to get resourceful. 


How to Gua Sha and balance it all as a busy mama driving while cooking! #momlife #guashatutorial #facial #babyhacks #parentinghacks

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“How to Gua Sha and balance it all as a busy mama driving while cooking!” the video caption read

The mom used her baby’s foot to massage her face. She used the tiny toes to gently rub up and down her face and neck to depuff and smooth out those fine lines. Then finally, as any parent would, she ate her baby’s foot. 

The video racked up 2.9 million views on TikTok

“If I don’t have my own foot is store-bought okay?” someone joked

“I can’t even begin to tell you the number of times I had to talk myself down from eating my kids, they were so cute!” another said

“As a licensed massage therapist I can verify that this is the correct application of gua sha,” a user added

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