TikTok mom claims her hack for gassy twins ‘always works’: ‘Oh my gosh, their faces!’

A mom and her gassy twins have gone viral for a hack she claims “always works” — and TikTok is loving it!

The TikTok account @twins.oficial, dedicated to twins Eduarda and Ben, gained over 12 million views and nearly 10,000 comments when they posted this video on how to relieve gas in babies.

In the video, we see Eduarda and Ben lying on their backs, side by side, their legs gently clutched by their parents.

Gently, each parent bicycles their left legs, then their right legs, repeating each side twice.

Finally, the parents gently press the babies’ legs into their stomachs — and immediately, the babies toot, then smile.

According to experts, babies tend to be pretty gassy, passing gas 13 to 21 times a day. Eating, sucking a pacifier and crying all lead to babies swallowing air, which leads to gas.

When your baby has air trapped in their belly, you might notice that they burp, get fussy, are bloated, cry, toot and have a hard tummy.

It’s important to help them relieve this gas in a safe, healthy way — as @twins.oficial demonstrated in their now-viral video.

‘Does this work for adults too…?’

Thousands of comments came pouring in in response to @twins.oficial’s video.

“Oh my gosh, their faces!” one user exclaimed.

“My husband and I do this to our baby, esp. when he was 1-4 months old. It’s very effective,” another user shared.

“I don’t have to do that with my baby girl, she’s doing well by herself,” one user laughed.

“Blue shirt baby looks so relieved,” another user commented.

“Does this work for adults too?” one user joked.

If your baby is having trouble with gas, be sure to speak to their doctor, especially before trying any at-home remedies.

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