Woman ‘livid’ over husband’s holiday gift-giving decision: ‘That is so unreasonable’

A woman is denying her in-laws Christmas gifts to get back at her husband. 

She shared what happened on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. The issue arose when her 18-year-old sister found out she was pregnant. She wanted to get her little sister a gift for the baby, but her husband disapproved of the pregnancy and, therefore, the gift.

“[My sister] lives with her boyfriend’s parents who have made both her and her boyfriend’s lives a complete hell since finding out,” she explained. My sister and her boyfriend both worked part-time and went to school, but after his parents found out they were pregnant, [they] made their son drop out of school and get a full-time job. They also upped their rent from $400 a month to $800 a month, plus they have to buy their own food, pay the internet and electric bill, can’t take showers all but once a week to save on water and basically are limited to their bedroom.”

The user wanted to get her sister a crib that converted into a toddler bed and a day bed as the baby gets older. It was on sale for $199 from $699. 

“I told my husband I wanted to buy it and he lost his s***,” the user wrote. “Said that he wasn’t going to break the bank to support a child having a child and said [that] she decided to have a baby, she can go get a job and buy a crib. It’s not my job to give her gifts. Mind you, I work full time (more hours than him by a long shot) but he works salary and makes more. I was livid, I’ll admit and immediately snapped back with, well looks like we will be crossing [your] mommy and daddy off the Christmas list because they have jobs and can buy their own gifts.”

Reddit users shared their thoughts on the issue.

“That is so unreasonable. They are definitely ensuring that the couple can’t move out and at this rate, they may not be able to provide for their baby financially,” one user commented.

“He is off his judgmental rocker,” another wrote.

“It’s not your husband’s place to dictate your relationship with your family,” a third person added.

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