Adorable little chicken can hardly contain her Halloween excitement: ‘The noises coming from her are priceless’

Parents always look forward to their children’s first milestones. But it can be difficult to tell if your little one is feeling the excitement too. 

At least one dad, Cameron Manwaring, could be certain his baby girl had a blast on her very first Halloween. Manwaring uses his TikTok to post about fatherhood and his adorable children. In 2019, he shared a viral clip of his daughter trick or treating.

“I think she’s enjoying her first Halloween lol,” the father wrote in the caption

The little girl was dressed as a tiny little chicken and was literally squealing with excitement. Each time she was offered a piece of candy, she absolutely lost it, making high-pitched noises and running around. The baby bird loved handing out candy to strangers as much as she loved receiving it. It was certainly a Halloween to remember. 

Manwaring’s video garnered 3.5 million views on TikTok

“She looks so adorable in that costume, oh my god,” a user wrote.

“She squeaks for Halloween,” another commented

“Aww, the noises coming from her are priceless,” one person said.

And if you’re wondering what she dressed up as for Halloween 2020, she was, of course, the cutest gnome and a lot sprier on her feet.

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