Baby girl who loves tools as much as her dad has a magical time at Lowe’s

Everything is magical in the eyes of a child. Sometimes it takes spending time with a toddler to feel like you’re experiencing life for the first time again.

Things as ordinary as a garden or the grocery store can take on new meaning. When TikTok dad Cameron Manwaring took his baby girl to Lowe’s, her excitement was palpable. What looked like boring utilitarian tools for adults was basically a toy store for his daughter. 

“She loves tools almost as much as me,” the father wrote in the caption.

The little girl couldn’t help but “ooh” and “aah” at all of the shiny objects. She enjoyed playing with a spatula before Manwaring put it back. In typical kid form, the knife and saw section caught her eye, but dad was quick to jump in. 

“None of these ones, OK?” Manwaring said. “Not the saws either.” 

“Ooh, what are these?” she said with cheerful curiosity.

“Those are mailboxes,” the father replied in a deadpan voice. 

TikTokers adored the dad and daughter’s trip to Lowe’s. 

“You better get her a mailbox right now,” a user joked

“I’ve watched this 48 times. I love the way she says, ‘ooo,'” another wrote

“Aw, just give her a saw though, lol,” someone said

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