Baby girl’s reaction to mom’s embarrassing moment is gold

Mackenzie and Blake Haggett’s baby girl is barely old enough to speak, but that didn’t stop her from roasting mom

During an outing to a golf course, Mackenzie experienced what most golfers would call a whiffIn the sport where every movement and action is intentional, a whiff is when you swing and miss. It’s more embarrassing than in baseball or soccer because well, the ball is right there, held steady in place. 

“Yes, a whiff is a moment of deep personal shame,” James Colgan of wrote. “An instant of athletic failure so brazen, we hope to hide from all those we hold dear — our spouses, our friends and god willing, our children.”

But don’t worry, Mackenzie’s baby girl Aria Michelle was watching from the sidelines. Rest assured Aria was happy to mock her dear ole mom in a hilarious clip that’s going viral

“You know you suck at golf when your baby even laughs at you,” Mackenzie wrote in the caption

In the video the mom posted to her Instagram account, Mackenzie has the ball teed up and ready to go. The mom readies to swing and just as she misses the connection, Aria lets out a guttural squeal. Then the baby immediately starts laughing. She knows what just happened.

“That was epic,” Blake says while snickering behind the camera. 

Aria’s burst of giggles racked up 93,000 views on Instagram. 

“I have lost count as to how many times I re-watched this!” one user wrote

“That’s hilarious. Baby girl is too cute!” another wrote

“Omgosh! That’s the funniest thing ever!!” one person added

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