Baby is annoyed with her mom for spending a long time at Target: ‘You know what you did!’

TikToker Hannah Pluchinsky (@hannahpluchinsky) shared a hilarious video of her baby’s disappointed reaction after spending too much time at Target. Viewers can’t help but wonder what thoughts are going on behind the little girl’s scowl. 

Pluchinsky is a parent and blogger who posts clips of her daily life as a wife and mother to four children. Recently, Pluchinsky shared a video of her young daughter, Sophie, giving her the stink eye for shopping too long during a trip to Target, and viewers are cracking up over the tot’s ‘tude.  

The clip opens with a shot of Sophie sitting on her dad’s lap in the driver’s seat of the family’s parked car. “Did you get a doughnut?” Pluchinsky asks her daughter, who’s donning a fabulous overall/tutu combo. 

Sophie looks up from playing with her dad’s wallet and credit cards. Upon noticing that her Target-loving mom has returned, Sophie narrows her eyes and twists her face into a scowl. 

“Hey! Stop,” Pluchinsky tells her glowering daughter before asking again about the doughnut. Sophie’s demeanor grows more indignant, and she slowly tilts her head menacingly to the side. 

“She’s mad because you took forever in line,” says Pluchinsky’s husband. Pluchinsky starts laughing as she attempts to get her daughter to smile

“Will you stop scowling?” Pluchinsky asks Sophie playfully. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t, and the video closes with a final shot of Sophie mean-mugging the camera

“You know what you did!”

Viewers were beyond amused by Sophie’s peeved reaction to her mom’s Target trip. 

“She’s looking at you like, ‘You know what you did!’ She is adorable,” one user gushed. 

“Ma’am, you’ve just been told off,” joked one TikToker

“She’s looking in the wallet like, ‘Where’s dad’s card?’” chimed in another viewer. 

Sophie may currently lack the patience and understanding for such errands, but it’s only a matter of time before she grasps Target’s unwavering mystique.

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