Baby has dramatic reaction to sour lemon

This baby’s reaction to trying a sour lemon for the first time is simply too much.

Baby Norah experienced the lip-puckering citrus fruit for the very first time at a restaurant in Big Bear Lake, Calf., in July 2019 — and it seems she wasn’t too big of a fan.

Her mother shared a clip of her daughter’s hilarious reaction on Instagram, where people quickly began commenting on the priceless moment.

“I’ve watched this probably 50x myself!” one woman wrote. “She’s hilarious!”

“Omg my heart is MELTING,” said another.

Babies reacting to sour foods has long been the subject of viral videos — but is it actually safe to feed lemons to your infant?

Dr. Leah Alexander, a pediatrics specialist in Fair Lawn, N.J., who has been practicing for 20 years, recommends parents wait until their baby turns at least nine months old to introduce the sour fruit as part of a balanced diet.

“In clinical practice, I typically recommend introducing citrus foods (lemons, limes, oranges, tomatoes) at the 9-month-old well visit,” she said in a piece for Mom Loves Best. “At this point, most infants have been consuming cereals, other fruits, most vegetables, and perhaps meat or legumes.”

Dr. Alexander also recommends parents keep proper medication at home as they look to acclimate their babies and toddlers to new foods, on the chance their child may have an undiscovered food allergy.

“I always recommend that my parents keep Children’s Benadryl at home once new foods are being introduced to their infant,” she said. “Food reactions are not subtle. They are usually associated with very obvious hives (a welt-like rash) that changes positions on the body, mouth and/or eye swelling, vomiting, and possible difficulty breathing.”

“Anything more than just hives warrants contacting a medical professional and, possibly, an emergency room visit,” she added. “After such an episode, there should be a discussion about keeping emergency rescue injectable treatment in the home.”

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