Baby’s face lights up when he hears Mom’s voice for the very first time: ‘That smile says everything’

A mom captured the beautiful moment her little boy heard her voice for the very first time — and the footage is melting hearts all over TikTok.

Originally posted to Twitter by mom Finessa Hudgins (@lil_lopeep), the now-viral video has since been picked up by tons of outlets — including the popular TikTok account @overtime.

Now, just like the emotional footage of two teenage brothers breaking down when they meet their newborn sibling, Finessa’s little boy is pulling heartstrings all across the Internet.


The smile makes everything perfect ❤️ #cute #baby #love #shoutoutot (via lil_lopeep/TW)

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In the video, little Maison is seen outfitted in his brand new hearing aids. “My baby got his hearing aids today,” Finessa writes in her original Twitter caption. “Look at his face.”

At first, Maison doesn’t seem to know what to think about his hearing aids — but as soon as he hears his mama’s voice, he’s clearly overjoyed.

“Maison? Hi! Can you hear me? Hi baby!” Finessa says with a smile you can hear in her voice. “You can hear me?”

Her little boy smiles widely in response, little teeth poking through, eyes glittering.

“Good job!” Finessa says. “Yeah, you can hear me!”

As Maison continues to process Mom’s voice (and perhaps even his own), he smiles and giggles, unsure of what exactly is going on but clearly delighted.

Thank you for sharing this precious moment with us…’

Finessa’s video was viewed nearly 5 million times on Twitter — but has since gained millions more across the Internet at large.

Thousands upon thousands of people have left comments in response to the touching footage, sharing their emotional reactions.

“He’s so beautiful! Many blessings to you and your little one. Crying…” one person wrote.

“Thank you for sharing this precious moment with us… His joy and wonder are a great gift to us. He is a blessing in the world, a beautiful boy,” another user wrote.

“Congrats! It’s gonna change everyone’s life!” commented one user.

“I love when he realizes he’s heard his OWN voice. Congratulations to everyone involved,” shared another user.

“That smile says everything,” one user wrote.

Finessa and her baby Maison remind us all to never take our lives or abilities for granted, as every moment and experience is precious.

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