Baby hilariously goes ‘stiff as a board’ to avoid car seat

These TikTok parents shared a hilarious video showing how their baby resists being put in his car seat by going “stiff as a board!”

Ben and Lex (@benandlex) are new parents of an adorable baby boy named Bennett. The parents, who claim they “don’t get out of the house much anymore,” love sharing adorable videos of Bennett on TikTok. In one recent video, the parents revealed how Bennett goes completely rigid to avoid being put in his car seat, and turned to their viewers to ask for advice.

The video begins with a shot of baby Bennett in adorable orange footie pajamas and a beige hat being placed in the car. As his dad tries to get him to sit in his car seat, the baby straightens his legs and refuses to move. A caption reads, “Any advice for getting your baby into their car seat?”

Next, Ben begins to slowly adjust Bennett’s feet to encourage him to sit. The baby tolerates his dad’s actions, but refuses to budge. As Ben tries to move him, the baby keeps a completely neutral expression on his face, as though he isn’t paying attention and doesn’t care what’s happening to him one way or the other. 

But each time Ben tries to place him in the seat, the baby’s body goes increasingly rigid. A second caption pops up, reading, “Our baby goes full rigor mortis every time we put him in.”

At one point, Bennett even uses his elbows to push off of the car seat, creating the momentary illusion that he is floating. As Bennett continues to resist, both Ben and Lex can be heard giggling in the background. While the new parents are frustrated, they’re also clearly keeping a sense of humor about the situation. 

Finally, Ben grasps Bennett by his armpit with one hand, and presses gently but firmly on his chest with the other. Still resisting slightly, the baby allows himself to be placed into the seat. The video ends with the baby finally sitting in the car seat, the same deadpan expression on his face, as though he still doesn’t care. 

Viewers shared their hilarious “advice” for the new parents in the comments section.

“Just add water. Noodle should soften,” one viewer joked.

“Maybe leave him out so he can thaw a bit?” another TikToker suggested.

“Press control, alt, and delete at the same time. If that doesn’t work, unplug it for 30 seconds,” joked another viewer. 

Unfortunately for the new parents, babies are more complicated than noodles or computers. Getting Bennett to willingly sit in his car seat might take some time, but at least Ben and Lex have a great sense of humor about it!

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