Mom ‘betrays’ daughter by hilariously tricking her into eating healthy foods: ‘Justice for this baby’

TikTok can’t get enough of a mother who constantly tricks her baby girl with food

Early on when kids are developing their palates, they can be real picky eaters. One parent found a loophole around this natural stage of development. And it’s hilarious. 

Rhea, AKA @RheaTries, is known for her so-called “hungry eyes.” The infant’s mom created a dedicated TikTok page for all of the foods Rhea supposedly tries. A typical video sees the mother dangle a yummy, grown-up food in Rhea’s face. But whenever the baby girl goes in for a bite, the snack is quickly replaced with a spoonful of something healthy. This viral video was no exception. 


Sun Kissed Rhea Tries Chicken Alfredo Except It’s Mashed Potatoes 🍝 🥔 #babies #baby #babiesoftiktok #tiktokbabies #rheatries

♬ Hungry Eyes – Graham Blvd

In the video, the mom waved around a bite of chicken alfredo on toast. Rhea’s big Disney-like eyes widened at the sight of the tasty food. Just as Rhea came close to taking a bite, the mother pulled off a bait and switch. 

Instead of the alfredo, Rhea was left eating a mouthful of mashed potatoes. The scene was perfectly scored by Erica Carmen’s song, “Hungry Eyes.” 

The funny video received 61.9 million views on TikTok. People joked about how the constant pranks will affect Rhea someday. 

“This poor baby is gonna have trust issues,” a user wrote

“Ah, the taste of betrayal gotta be bitter,” another joked

“Justice for this baby,” someone added

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