Mom shares what she went through during pregnancy, all for her baby to look just like Dad

This TikTok parent shared an adorably funny video complaining that, after all she went through to give birth to her daughter, she ended up looking just like her dad!

Abbie Herbert (@abbieherbert_) is a TikToker and the mom of an infant daughter. Abbie recently shared a hilariously relatable video revealing how, after going through all the hard work of being pregnant and giving birth, her baby ended up looking just like her husband. 

The video begins with a shot of Abbie sitting on her bed wearing jeans and a pink shirt. As the theme song from the children’s TV show Bluey plays, Abbie stares into the camera with a sardonic look on her face. A caption reads, “Who carried the baby for 9 months, gained 58 pounds, had their stomach cut open to bring the baby into the world?”

Abbie shakes her head and rolls her eyes, looking frustrated. Then, she smirks at the camera, and a caption that pops up reading, “Mom.”

In the next shot, Abbie is still sitting on the bed, but now, her daughter is perched on her lap. The adorable baby is wearing a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and has a big red bow tied around her head. “Who does the baby look like and get their sass from?” a caption reads. 

Moments later, a caption pops up that reads, “Dad,” as the video cuts to a photo of Abbie’s husband, Josh, holding their daughter. In the photo, father and daughter stare into the camera with matching expressions on their faces. They have the same complexion and facial structure, and look remarkably similar. 

The video ends with a montage of photos of Abbie’s baby, showing off all of her sassiest facial expressions. In each photo, the baby makes adorably goofy faces at the camera, and looks a whole lot like her dad. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Abbie’s hilarious video. 

“She is a mood,” joked one TikToker. 

“The last picture needs to be adopted into the meme space,” another TikToker joked. 

Other viewers reassured Abbie that her baby also looks like her. 

“I feel like she’s Josh’s from the nose down, but she definitely has your eyes,” one viewer wrote.

“She looks so much like you too though!” commented another viewer. 

Fortunately, Abbie’s video was just for fun. Abbie’s TikTok account makes it clear that she adores her baby and husband, even if they do make silly, sassy faces sometimes!

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