Mom stirs controversy with ‘insensitive’ baby name decision: ‘It was really an awkward conversation’

A woman’s decision to name her daughter after her biological mom has caused a rift between her and her stepmother. 

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” to see if her decision was insensitive. When she gave birth to her daughter she named the baby after her birthmother who mostly raised her. But her stepmother felt like the name was a betrayal

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“I had my daughter last month,” the Reddit poster said. “I named her after my mom because she and I are so close and I loved the idea of my daughter having my mom’s name. I honestly did not think of my stepmom when I was picking the name, but she was upset when we announced the name and she made it very clear that I was insensitive because she has been in my life since I was five and she felt like if I could honor one mom, why not honor both. It was really an awkward conversation because she wasn’t a huge part of my life. I spent most of my time at my mom’s growing up.” 

The mom explained she didn’t mean it as a slight against her stepmother, but that didn’t help the situation. 

“I told her it had not been intended as anything against her but I wanted to honor my mom,” the mom explained. “This upset her even more and she told me the least I could have done was warn her so she could prepare for the fact the girl she considers a daughter ‘doesn’t give two f***s about her’ and doesn’t consider her a mom figure enough after 20 years to include her in the honor.”

Reddit thought the mother’s decision was fine. 

“You are not responsible for your stepmother’s feelings or expectations,” one person commented

“She isn’t entitled to have a child named after her,” someone wrote

“She is trying to guilt-trip you,” another said

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