Mom breaks down the baby products she swears parents don’t need: ‘[This is] an adorable waste of money’

This mom on TikTok shared which baby product essentials she thinks are must-haves and which ones aren’t necessary, and both parents and non-parents alike are taking notes!

TikToker Abbie Wiz (@momma_wiz) is a busy mom, daycare director, and content creator who often shares clips about daily life and parenting tips. Recently, Wiz posted a video explaining which baby products she believes are necessary and unnecessary for parents, and even people without children are taking her advice into account. 


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Wiz addresses the camera at the beginning of the clip and tells viewers, “This is where I become your mom friend,” as the on-screen text says, “protect you from the predatory baby sales industry.” 

She explains that during her experience as a nanny, a parent, and director of a daycare, she’s “seen it all and used it all” and is here to tell parents which products she thinks are worth it and which ones aren’t. 

The clip cuts to a green-screen shot of Wiz in front of two ads for baby towels. “These are one of my least favorite baby products,” Wiz emphatically decrees, noting that they’re paper-thin, don’t keep your baby dry, and are expensive. 

However, a product Wiz “swears by” are basic bath towels from Target, as they’re inexpensive and will keep your baby dry and warm. 

Additional products Wiz claims parents can “do without” include baby car seat canopies because “you’re gonna forget them.” 

Wiz mentions that travel play mats are “an adorable waste of money,” and receiving blankets are like “soft cardboard.” 

As for burp cloths, Wiz has “yet to meet the baby who spits up just small enough to fit on one,” before noting that they’re not absorbent and the spit up runs off of them. 

Wiz closes the video with one product that gets her approval: muslin swaddling blankets. She recommends purchasing as many muslin swaddling blankets as possible since “they will replace every product” she previously mentioned. 

Both parents and non-parents took to the comments to share their thoughts on Wiz’s baby product breakdown.

“Yes! Baby towels are worthless, and muslin blankets are EVERYTHING,” said one parent.

“Me with no children and no intention to [have them] anytime soon: ‘Mmm yes useful I’ll save this,’” joked one TikToker. 

“[I] 100% agree. I have a 10 [month old]. All that was wasted money,” another parent shared. 

While Wiz’s advice is helpful, it should be used only as a guide as all babies and parents have different needs when it comes to the essentials.

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