Baby accidentally records dad singing during diaper change: ‘This is the best video ever’

This baby accidentally recorded his dad during a diaper change and it’s so hilarious!

A TikTok parent (@cguida515) shared a video of her baby unknowingly recording his dad during a diaper change! The video, which racked up over 2 million views and had TikTokers cracking up, shows the dad, unaware he’s being recorded, singing along to The Wiggles at the top of his voice while he efficiently changes the baby’s diaper. 


@The Wiggles Show please consider this my husbands audition tape. #toddler #toddlersoftiktok #parentingdoneright

♬ original sound – The guida gang

The video begins with a shot of the baby’s feet swinging in the air as he lies on a changing table. The baby is clearly holding a phone in his hands and pointing it away from himself as he records, capturing the action happening above him. The ceiling is visible above the baby’s feet, as is a stationary fan and the top of a closet

And, of course, the baby’s dad is visible in the frame. He grabs one of the baby’s feet and the camera pans down to reveal more of the dad as he goofily sings along to a song by The Wiggles. “My son unknowingly taped my husband during a diaper change,” a caption on the video explains. 

“Sounds like a trombone,” the dad sings, as “Do the Skeleton Scat” by The Wiggles plays in the background.

“Whoah, whoah, whoah,” he continues singing as he changes the baby’s diaper

Then, the baby becomes restless. He swings the camera back and forth, causing the room to blur around him. Then, he begins to babble as his dad sings.

“Mama!” the baby says. 

To which his dad replies, “Mama’s at work.”

Then, the dad goes back to singing as he changes the diaper. “Let’s hear those jammed out strings,” the dad croons. “I’ll play the guitar, like a star!”

The video ends as the camera pans back to the dad who tells the baby, “It’s not over yet.”

A caption on the video which tags The Wiggles Show reads, “Please consider this my husband’s audition tape.” 

The unintentional diaper change video had TikTokers in stitches!

“This is the best video ever,” wrote one TikToker. 

“I’ve watched this an embarrassing amount of times,” another viewer commented. 

“I’m dying at him just singing” wrote another viewer. 

While the video is certainly funny, it remains to be seen whether The Wiggles are looking for a new member!

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