5 genius hacks for teething babies

Cranky? Check. Drooling? Check. Crying? Check. If you guessed “what is a teething baby,” you are correct!

Teething starts at about 6 months and it’s a tough time for parents and babies alike. But there are plenty of tips and tricks to ease the pain for everyone. Here are 5 teething hacks to help you get through it as painlessly as possible.

Ice bottle with a sock koozie

When it comes to teething babies, they really just want something cold against their gums. One clever parent had the brilliant idea to fill a bottle halfway and freeze it upside down so the frozen water would be at the top of the bottle’s nipple. She then covered the bottle with a sock so her teething tot’s hands wouldn’t get cold, and voila! A soothing, cold teething toy that every parent can ad lib with items they have around their house.

Cold wash cloth

This hack is super easy. Just fold a clean washcloth and tie it into a knot, soak it in some water and then place it in the fridge to chill. Once it’s cold enough, hand it off to your little one and they’ll be going to town on their teething plaything in no time.

Freezing dots of baby food

This teething trick doubles as a snack! Place your baby food of choice (applesauce also works great) into small dots on a sheet and put them in the freezer. Once frozen, give them to your child as a treat. They melt easily and the coldness will feel oh so good on their gums.

Cold spoon

baby teething hacks spoon
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This one’s a classic and uses something you probably have in your house already. A chilled spoon pressed gently on your baby’s gums will pacify the pain that comes with teething.

Entertainment and distractions

mom and baby playing teething hacks
Credit: Getty Images

If all else fails, offer up some distractions and keep your baby as entertained as possible. This allows them to focus on something that isn’t the pain of teething. Toys and music keep babies engaged and active, while gentle foot massages and bubble baths can offer some relaxation.

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