Expressive baby ‘types’ desperate email to dad in hilarious TikTok: ‘I laughed way too hard at this’

This TikTok parent shared a hilarious video of her baby “typing” a note to her dad, complaining about her mom’s actions!

Kicha Cole (@kichacole) is a TikToker and parent who shares adorable and sometimes hilarious videos of her infant daughter, Londyn. Kicha recently posted a video of Londyn that racked up 3.5 million views and had TikTokers cracking up! In the hilarious video, Kicha makes it look like Londyn is typing a letter to her dad, complaining about Kicha’s parenting style

The video begins with a shot of Londyn hovering over Kicha’s phone. The sound of keyboard keys clacking begins to play as Londyn’s hands start to move up and down. Kicha manipulates the baby’s hands, making it look as though she is typing on the phone

“Dear Daddy,” Londyn appears to type. “Mom has had 3 mental breakdowns because I just wanted to be held all day and she said, ‘No!’”

Londyn wears an adorably confused expression on her face as she continues the letter, “The audacity!” she continues, “So I pooped on her hand.” 

Londyn raises her eyebrows and grins as she continues “typing.” “She’s also talking about ‘hot girl summer’ and said she’s gonna leave me home with you all day since she had to sit the last one out,” the baby continues. “I am only getting fed every 2 hours. Them bottles aren’t enough. Come help me!”

The baby’s smile fades into a look of confusion once more as her mom continues to help her “type” the letter. The video ends as Londyn writes, “Sincerely, Londyn Dior.”

Viewers couldn’t get enough of the adorable baby and her hilarious letter to her dad!

“This is the cutest content I’ve ever come across,” commented one TikToker.

“She said, ‘I’m emailing management,’” another viewer joked. 

“I laughed way too hard at this,” wrote another TikToker. 

Londyn might be young, but her “letter” shows she already has plenty of attitude! 

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