Baby vibes out to Mac Miller every morning instead of watching cartoons: ‘Reincarnation is real’

A TikTok mom has captured her baby’s love for Mac Miller in an adorable video that’s now going viral!

When mom of 2, Audra (@overmommy), recorded her son’s morning ritual for TikTok, she probably never expected it to blow up — but at over 4M views, it’s clear her video struck a special chord with viewers!


Anyone else’s ##baby prefers ##music over cartoons? ##macmiller ##cutebaby ##vibingtomusic

♬ original sound – ✨Audra✨

In Audra’s now-viral video, we see her baby staring up in awe at the TV where Mac Miller is performing.

The TikTok mom explains with text in her video, “Every morning my baby waits at the TV crying till I put on Tiny Desk Mac Miller for him.”

We then see her little boy looking back at Audra to make sure she’s “seeing this magic,” and him “straight vibing” — right down to him shaking his head “no” when Mac says “no.”

Audra concludes her video with the text, “He prefers this over morning cartoons!”

‘We know who Mac reincarnated as now…’

Malcolm James McCormick, known professionally as Mac Miller, was an American rapper who sadly passed away 2018.

Beloved by millions, his fans were heartbroken by the news of his tragic death — which is perhaps why TikTokers were so touched by Audra’s video.

“Reincarnation is real,” one user commented.

“It’s Mac reborn,” commented another.

“Mac would be so happy to see this,” another user wrote.

“Babies are very close to the spirit world,” commented another.

The video is so popular, it even hit the radar of famous rapper Lil Yachty. “Too fire,” he commented.

At over 850K likes and 12K comments, it’s clear this music-loving little guy is bound to continue making the rounds on TikTok — touching the hearts of Mac Miller fans everywhere.

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