Baby waitress shuts down dad’s order at her pretend restaurant: ‘Excellent service’

A dad is no match for the tight ship his baby girl runs at her imaginary restaurants. 

We all remember playing pretend games as a kid. Sometimes you’re a school teacher, a doctor or even the server at your very own restaurant. All it takes is a little creativity and some fun role-playing to make things come to life. 

When TikToker Demetrius Bumpass isn’t sharing his incredible art skills, the father usually posts about playtime with his little girl. The rugrat seems to be a very successful restauranteur, already owning two (imaginary) shops: “Little Fuji’s” and “Little Women Buffet.” 

Bumpass ordered double fried rice and vegetables at “Little Fuji’s.” His daughter held a notepad (a package of baby wipes) and a pen to take his order. She offered to add some “white sauce” to his meal but denied his request for vegetables, citing her very strict “no vegetables” policy. She was clearly a busy itty bitty woman as she walked off in the middle of taking her dad’s order quite matter-of-factly. 

Over at the “Little Women Buffet,” dad placed an order for pepperoni pizza, red velvet cake, two scoops of ice cream and a Sprite. The bite-sized server wasn’t feeling her customer’s request and things got a little spicy before she shut him down for ordering “too many” items and walked away, saying, “Whatever!”

“You’re definitely not getting your food,” one person joked

“I’m pretty sure she said, ‘We’re out of Sprite,'” another said

“Excellent service with a great attitude from an adorable server,” a user commented

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