8 things to think about when babyproofing your home

For such tiny humans, babies can get into some big trouble — especially when they’re mobile. It’s never too early to start babyproofing your home. Your little one will be moving and grooving before you know it! From the toaster to the toilet, here are eight things to think about when babyproofing your home.

Keep medicine out of reach

This one feels obvious, but you’d be surprised at all the little things you may not consider when babyproofing. Keep all medicine out of reach and in a locked cabinet. It’s also important to try to avoid taking any medicine in front of your child in the case that they might imitate you.

Put locks on the cabinets, oven and toilet

Speaking of locks, make sure you have plenty. Cabinets are a no-brainer when it comes to things to lock, but there are some less obvious household spots that require a lock. For example, an oven door handle is the perfect height for a mobile munchkin to grab onto, so make sure that’s locked up. Additionally, the toilet seat needs to be locked! It may seem harmless, but the water in a toilet as well as the lid can be potentially dangerous.

Tie up blind cords

Make sure any long cords for blinds are tied up and out of reach of grabbing hands. This prevents blinds from falling onto your little one, as well as any possible entanglements.

Adjust your water heater

To keep bath time fun, adjust your water heater so that the temperature is never higher than 120 degrees. This prevents any accidental burns, though you should always test the water temperature anyway.

Keep crib and other furniture away from windows

This removes any potential for window falls. While you’re at it, make sure you have childproof screens or window guards installed.

Remove mobiles

Ditch any mobile that’s attached to the crib as soon as your baby can stand on their knees. Otherwise it poses a choking hazard because they could potentially grab it down and put it in their mouth.

Keep appliances unplugged and put them away when they’re not in use

Keep items like irons and toasters unplugged and put them away when you’re not using them. They may seem harmless even if they’re unplugged, but some items can be really dangerous if a child grabs its cord and pulls it down.

Cover outlets

This is babyproofing 101, and for that reason, it’s worth mentioning. Tiny humans have tiny fingers that like to explore outlets. Prevent any shocks by using childproof outlet covers.

All homes are different, so it’s important to assess your environment accordingly. Experts recommend getting on all fours to understand your little one’s perspective in order to spot any potential dangers. It may feel silly, but it could be life-saving.

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