Babysitter films incredible reflexes in viral TikTok: ‘Honestly so impressive’

Watch this babysitter catch the toddler she is caring for before she falls off the couch!

Rylee (@ryleejenkins) is a mom and TikToker who shares sweet videos of her toddler daughter, Indi Rae. When Rylee is out of the house, she hires a babysitter named Joe Joe (@joeyandyb) to care for Indi.

While Rylee has always had a great relationship with Joe Joe, she was extremely impressed recently when Joe Joe sent her a video showing off her quick reflexes when Indi fell off the couch. In the video, Joe Joe snatches the toddler’s ankle before she can hit the floor. 

The video begins with a shot of Indi sitting on the couch watching cartoons on TV. The toddler wears beige shorts and a white top, and holds a stuffed animal in her hands. Both toddler and babysitter appear to be enjoying a relaxing afternoon, but then Indi gets a sudden burst of energy.

A caption reads, “You know you hired the right babysitter when…”

The toddler stands up and begins hopping up and down on the couch. At first, all is well, and the toddler is having a great time. She jumps and giggles, waving her stuffed animal in the air. 

But then, disaster strikes! The toddler steps too close to the edge of the couch and loses her balance. She falls onto the couch, but begins to tumble off of it backwards. 

Fortunately, Joe Joe jumps into action immediately. Without stopping filming, the quick-thinking babysitter reaches out and catches Indi by the ankle, right before she falls off the couch.

“It’s okay,” Joe Joe says to the shocked toddler as the video ends. 

Viewers applauded the quick-moving babysitter!

“That is honestly so impressive,” one viewer commented. 

“Her voice is still so calm. Good choice,” another TikToker wrote. 

“I am not fast enough to have kids lol,” another viewer chimed in. 

Joe Joe is certainly the kind of babysitter any parent would hope to have! 

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