Babysitter teaches baby how to use her imagination with hilarious fake phone call

A babysitter is teaching the baby girl he watches how to tap into her vivid imagination with some very dramatic role-playing. 

Babies develop their imagination and creativity through playtime. Until a child is 1 year old, the world around them is something new to behold and explore. Through their imagination, infants discover sights, sounds, begin to understand facial expressions and more. Thus, playtime is essential. 

TikToker Brad Milison is a comedy influencer and babysitter. While looking after a baby girl, he decided to engage her in some necessary imagination play.

“Still teaching kids how to use their imagination,” Milison said

Milison got on the ground next to the little one. Then he picked up her yellow toy phone and started to have a fake conversation. 

“Hello?” he said, answering the call. “It’s him.” 

The baby girl looked excited that someone had called. 

“I’m good. I’m just with a friend. Last night was so fun. I’ve been meaning to text you — Oh … Oh …” Milison said

The infant hung onto his every word. She closely watched his lips move and reacted to the changes in his tone of voice. 

“Oh no,” the baby said, responding to the one-sided conversation. 

“Last night, you said those nice things. But what changed in between then and now?” Milison asked during the very tense fake phone call. “I’m good, but I think my mom needs to use the phone.” 

Milison hung up, and the baby girl was alert and ready for him to dish on what had just happened. 

The hilarious video received over 2.3 million views on TikTok

“You got that baby stressed out,” a user said

“The way she flipped around for the tea at the end,” another wrote

“Started doing this with my kiddo, and now at 4, I hear him having full-on conversations in his room with his kitchen play phone,” someone commented

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