How much it actually costs to be a contestant on ‘The Bachelor’

Bachelor Nation fans may be well-versed in Bachelor contestant rules, but some people on TikTok are shocked after learning that the cast has to pay for their own wardrobe, hair and makeup — unless you’re the star.

The Bachelor just entered its 26th season in early January, and one of the recently eliminated contestants, 24-year-old Yale Law student Daria Rose, took to TikTok to break down how much she spent on evening gowns for the show.

“How much I spent on dresses as a contestant on The Bachelor,” Rose said on TikTok. “As you may know, contestants on The Bachelor have to pay for their own dresses, hair and makeup — so let’s see how much I spent.”

First, Rose showed the dress she wore in the first episode for her entrance. She bought it from Lord & Taylor for $198.

“Next, we have this fire red dress that I ended up wearing not on The Bachelor,” Rose continued. “[It’s] from Revolve, Nookie brand, $219.”

Among the rest of Rose’s packing list was a $285 pink “Elle Woods-inspired” pantsuit, a $420 green gown, a $350 bright pink dress, a $312 light pink dress and another red dress from the Revolve brand Nookie for $319.

“[It was] a total of $2,238,” Rose said. “Very expensive. So, if anybody needs to borrow a dress, let me know.”

Even though Rose left after the first episode, former Bachelor Sean Lowe revealed in his book For the Right Reasons that women pack 14 Rose Ceremony dresses. Lowe also mentioned that contestants can’t wear patterns, so that narrows down options.

Limo dresses for the first episode also have to be approved by producers, so many women pack more than 14 dresses in case their first choice gets rejected.

Rose mentioned in the comments that “some of the girls end up sharing/swapping [dresses] towards the end of the season,” but commenters were still stunned by the cost — especially since contestants are not paid anything for being on the show, either.

“I had no idea you had to buy your own dresses,” one person said.

“You didn’t come to play,” another added.

“Naw, everything would’ve [come] from Shein,” a commenter joked.

“Haha. I honestly wanted to buy from all Black designers, but the stuff wouldn’t ship in time,” Rose revealed in response.

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