Dog hilariously vibes in car after dropping off kids at school

A mom on TikTok shared a hysterical video of her dog vibing in the car after she dropped her child off at school, and viewers are loving the pooch’s zen attitude. 

TikToker Katie Waissel (@katiewaisselofficial) is a parent, singer-songwriter, law student, human rights activist, and former reality star who posts clips featuring daily life moments in addition to her law school journey. Recently, Waissel shared a hilarious video of her dog, Norman, living his best life after she dropped her child off at school, and viewers are losing it over the precious pup’s mellow disposition. 

The clip, captioned, “When the kids go back to school,” opens with a shot of Norman in the moving vehicle reclining in a children’s car seat while casually resting one paw over the chair’s arm. The dog’s chill nature and shaggy fur give him the vibe of a surfer relaxing on the beach. 

Norman looks at the camera with the gentlest expression before seemingly directing his attention to the pop music playing in the car. 

With his tongue slightly poking out of his mouth, Norman is so blissed out that it appears as though he’s bobbing his head and grooving to the beat of the music. The calm canine looks around the car, peacefully observing his surroundings before the video comes to a close. 

Norman’s serene demeanor and keen sense of musical rhythm had hearts melting all over TikTok. 

“This has made me smile. Thank you! I needed that today,” one appreciative user mentioned. 

“Your pup is chilling to the tunes,” observed one TikToker. 

“That dog is bopping,” another viewer agreed. 

Dog’s POV: ‘Yes! Back to being number one and mum’s top priority,’” one user joked. 

Based on Waissel’s video, Norman makes a dog’s life look pretty appealing. 

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