Mom traces her son’s feet in ‘genius’ back-to-school shoe shopping hack: ‘What an awesome idea’

Shopping with the kids is not always ideal. They can easily run amok at the store and become a headache to wrangle.

Sometimes parents just want to snag a good deal and get in and get out. TikTok mom Lauren has four kids under seven years old. So you can understand why she isn’t always eager to bring her children along for back-to-school shopping

The mother shared a tip for kids’ shoe shopping that makes going to the store without them that much easier. 

“In addition to writing down your kids’ shoe sizes, trace their foot onto a piece of paper,” Lauren said. “Then cut it out to bring shopping with you so you can do this without your kids.” 

All you have to do is place the tracing on the bottom of a sneaker or shoe to see if it’s the correct fit. 

“Make sure there’s extra room when measuring from the outside,” she added in the comment section. “Got shoes for all the kids today and they all fit. One was not the size I’d written down so I was glad I had these with me to check.”

People embraced Lauren’s hack which earned over 788,000 views on TikTok

“Genius. I don’t always have them with me when I find good deals,” one person said

“I love this! Shopping with them is sometimes a nightmare and this solves this problem!” another wrote

“OMG. This is my struggle. What an awesome idea,” a user commented

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