4 genius back-to-school TikTok hacks to make parenting life easier

This TikTok parent shared 4 useful back-to-school hacks that will help parents save time and stay organized all year long!

Lauren Clutter (@lauren.clutter) is a parent who shares useful parenting hacks and funny parenting videos on TikTok. She recently shared 4 back-to-school hacks that are perfect for parents who are short on time!

1. Plan outfits in advance

First, to save time in the mornings, Lauren recommends planning your child’s outfits for the week ahead of time. In order to make them easily accessible, the clever parent shows how she uses shoe shelves to store rolled-up outfits for the week ahead. 

“Use closet shoe shelves to store clothes burritos for the week,” she writes in a caption, demonstrating how she rolls up her child’s shirts and pants for each day, before placing each outfit on its own shelf, making them easy to grab in the morning. 

2. Prepare lunch in bulk

Next, Lauren shares her hack for making lunch: “Make 9 sandwiches at once and save in the fridge or freezer.” 

To make bulk sandwich preparation easier, Lauren places 9 miniature burger buns on her kitchen counter, and adds toppings to all of the buns at once. Then she places them in a reusable refrigerator bag, and pops them in the crisper drawer of her fridge. 

3. Label your child’s belongings

Lauren’s third hack is perfect for anyone whose child habitually loses school supplies or articles of clothing. “Use iron-on labels for kids jackets, lunch boxes, etc.,” Lauren writes, showing how she affixes labels with her child’s name onto their clothes in case they get misplaced at school. 

4. Trace your child’s foot before shopping for shoes

Finally, Lauren shares an ingenious hack for shoe shopping. This hack is ideal for any parent who has been struggling to find a time to take their child shopping for new shoes. Instead of rearranging your schedule, just trace your child’s foot on a piece of paper, and bring the tracing with you to the shoe store. No need to bring your child at all!

Lauren shows how she uses a marker to trace her child’s foot on a piece of printer paper, then holds the tracing up to different pairs of shoes at the shoe store to see if they will be a good fit. 

Viewers couldn’t get enough of Lauren’s time-saving hacks and applauded the clever mom in the comments section.

“Thank you so much for these mom hacks,” one TikToker wrote.

“The shoe shopping hack is amazing! Now I just need to trace their whole body for clothes!” another grateful viewer commented. 

Lauren’s hacks show that back-to-school season doesn’t have to be stressful. It just takes a little extra preparation—and a few iron-on labels—to ensure your child’s school year runs smoothly!

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