$150 ‘Bacon Master’ grill vs. a stovetop pan: Which cooks better bacon?

Do you seriously need a separate kitchen gadget to grill your bacon to perfection?

Before you cast this off as an unnecessary purchase, customers on Amazon really vouch for this bacon grill — which clocks in at $150. 

A lot of them mention that this is the perfect tool when you’re in charge of cooking a large breakfast for your family or friends. 

I have never made breakfast for anyone but myself, so I don’t really relate to this problem.

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But, famously, I love proving kitchen gadgets wrong, so we’ll be comparing how bacon cooks on this grill versus just a classic pan on a stovetop.

How we’ll judge the “Bacon Master” Grill

We’ll be judging the comparison by looking at:

  1. The crispiness
  2. How easy it is to use — including what the clean-up looks like
  3. Price

Do you really need a separate grill for just your bacon?

Ultimately, based on the three factors we examined, you don’t need to spend an extra $150 on a separate grill to cook $9 bacon.

In terms of crispiness, my stovetop bacon was way more cooked — even though I turned the dial all the way to “Crispy” on the Bacon Master.

The Bacon Master was pretty easy to use, and it’s kind of nice not having to think about your bacon, but the hood of the grill was slightly difficult to get off. No big deal, except that there’s cooked meat, smoke and hot grease that could potentially burn you as you struggle to take the hood off.

Dropping that $150 is just so not worth it here. It doesn’t make cooking bacon any easier and, frankly, doesn’t make superior bacon. For that much money, I want one-of-a-kind bacon that can’t be replicated anywhere else.

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