Woman catches her ‘date’s’ bad behavior in the reflection of his glasses

A woman seems to have caught her so-called “date” swiping through a dating app after noticing the reflection in his glasses.

TikTok user @ppidhebwklwosjwpqlqmbdb, whose keyboard smash of a username implies her desire for anonymity, posted footage of the awkward moment to the platform, where viewers encouraged her to ditch her date for good.

The video shows her date scrolling on his phone at the table in a seemingly innocuous fashion, but when she zooms in, viewers could clearly see that he was swiping on a dating app.

“I wish I was kidding,” she wrote in her caption.

Commenters were in her corner.

“I’d just leave. No explanation. Just, byeeee. Trust me, it would feel so good,” one user wrote.

“This is where you get up and go home. Disrespect is not OK,” another said.

“Who raised him OMG,” a third mused.

Before you get too upset, a new development has people thinking the whole thing was faked.

The man in the video posted his own TikTok from the alleged date that shows the same woman swiping on a dating app, as viewers can see from the reflection in her glasses — seemingly the same pair.


I wish I was kidding. #fyp #inlove #bumble @ppidhebwklwosjwpqlqmbdb

♬ original sound – hangoversteer

At the end of the video, they both leaned in and said “nothing is real” to the camera.

This version has far fewer likes — a mere 7,000 as opposed to the original post’s 100,000.

“My feelings would be so hurt,” one commenter wrote.

“You look real shady,” another said.

Neither poster has made a follow-up video, so the shadiness certainly abounds. If it is a joke, it’s unclear what the punchline is.

Stay vigilant on all counts, I suppose.

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