Woman said she cried after seeing her puppy’s dramatic haircut: ‘That’s a different dog’

For members of all species, it can take a while to adjust to a new haircut.

Twitter user @sexyfaace experienced an entirely different level of adjustment after her dog Mylo’s hair appointment, though.

In a now-viral tweet that has 169,000 likes and 14,000 retweets, she shared the shocking before and after photos following a trip to the groomer.

“I literally took my baby to go get groomed cus his hair was getting longer & LOOK IM CRYING,” she wrote.

Commenters made light of the unfortunate cut.

“He wanna speak to the manager sooo bad,” one wrote.

“That’s another dog and you can’t tell me different,” another said.

“Thought this was some Popeyes,” one joked.

A distraught @sexyfaace told curious Twitter users that she didn’t tell the groomer to do this to her dog — a purebred toy poodle.

“I pressed them for 15 mins,” she said, before adding that she “cried hard af.”

Other pet owners also shared their unfortunate haircuts.

Hair famously grows back, so these dog owners will see a change in their pups’ appearance soon enough — but of course, that’ll mean it’s time to see a groomer again.

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