Woman records her date as he takes 2 calls during dinner

A woman couldn’t believe how rude her date was when he took two work calls during dinner. 

TikToker @kelceybligh recorded the nightmare first date while they were out at a restaurant. It wasn’t the fact that he had to answer business calls that ticked Bligh off, so much as how he handled the situation. She did not find his antics impressive one bit. 

The TikTok has since been deleted. But outlets like Distractify were able to pull comments before the video was taken down.

Credit: @kelceybligh / TikTok. Screenshot by Distractify.

“On a first date and this man had the audacity to take not one but two business calls,” she said. “Is this a joke?”

In the clip, her date was sitting across from her. She made sure to obscure his face but what was happening was clear as day. The man was on his phone, discussing work like “vinyl” and “thicker material” with little regard to the fact that Bligh was just sitting there waiting. He didn’t have the wits to detect that she was recording him.

“For the record, I also had time to go to the bathroom, say hi to some friends I ran into and come back with him still on the phone,” Bligh explained — adding that “no explanations or apologies were made” by the man. 

People on TikTok thought the date could have been more respectful, but, in the end, at least she dodged a bullet.

“He’s trying to show off…. NOT IMPRESSED,” a user commented. 

“That’s not acceptable, but at least you found out what to expect,” another wrote. 

“He literally didn’t even leave the table and step outside to be respectful,” someone added. 

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