A woman’s rendition of ‘Bad Romance’ accidentally started a new TikTok trend

For the latest TikTok trend, users are sharing their traumatic experiences that only get worse and worse as they progress.

The trend — dubbed the “Bad Romance” TikTok challenge because of the audio it uses — started some time after Nov. 12, when user Grace Groski uploaded a video of herself singing part of the chorus to Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” In her video, Groski sings the same part of the chorus over and over, but each time tries it in a higher note.

Groski’s audio is prime for story time. Since her singing slowly gets higher and higher, it perfectly builds tension and sets the scene for a series of shocking twists and turns.

For the “Bad Romance” TikTok challenge, people are sharing horror stories about everything from cheating exes to unusual hospital visits.


Would you believe me if I said this was a true story? LOL 😭 #mylifebelike #bumble #icant #fyp #badromance

♬ original sound – Grace Groski

User @itskimeeann participated in the “Bad Romance” challenge by sharing a story about how a man she hooked up with once ended up becoming her trainer at her new job.

That wasn’t even the worst part, though. According to @itskimeeann, once she started at her new job, her former flame tried to rekindle things — and that’s when she found out that not only was he also dating her coworker/good friend, but he was also married.

AND IT STILL GETS WORSE. When the guy eventually got divorced, @itskimeeann’s good friend ended up MARRYING HIM. WHAT!

Of course, users were in disbelief over this submission to the trend.

“The tea is scorching,” one person said.

“Omggg please tell me this isn’t real,” another added.

“Omg this just kept getting worse,” a third wrote. “Why the BFF ignore every red flag!”


imma keep using my trauma for views #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Grace Groski

Another user named Kira had a much different story for her “Bad Romance” challenge video.

Apparently, one day when the teen was running in gym class, she started to “[get] really tired way too fast” and “itch like crazy.” She called her mom once she started “feeling faint,” and after it got so bad that she couldn’t even see, they decided to call 911.

The diagnosis? Kira is “allergic to exercise.”

People were confused by this one (though being allergic to exercise is a real, albeit rare, condition).

“Wait emm how is this even possible?” one person asked.

“Uhhh what?” another added.

“Why the heck did I get goosebumps watching this,” a third wrote.

As of writing, the official sound for the “Bad Romance” challenge has 20,000 videos. Scroll through the sound to check out all of the outrageous, scandalous and horrifying submissions. (Just be warned: Some of the more serious videos touch on the sensitive topics of rape, sexual assault and child abuse.)

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