Woman’s Tinder date subjects her to 3 hours of mini-golf in his living room: ‘What a way to troll’

A woman’s bizarre Tinder date has inspired trolls on TikTok

When @taypole linked up with a guy she met on the app, she likely had other dating activities in mind. Her date brought her over to his house, whipped out a mini green and insisted upon playing golf the whole time.

As @taypole stated herself in the caption, “Tinder ain’t what it used to be.” 

“POV: You match with a guy on Tinder, and he brings you home to putt in his living room for three hours,” she wrote in the video caption. 

Without revealing her date’s identity, she showed footage of their encounter. He had a mini-golf course set up in his living room. There was a clip of him putting and another of him using a hand vacuum to clean up the mini green. 

“I stepped on it with my shoes, and he nearly had a heart attack,” she explained of the vacuuming. 

The comment section was largely full of what appeared to be male users praising her date for being an expert troll. 

“Heros get remembered, but legends never die,” a person joked

“Where are the men who don’t cheat? Here is your answer,” another wrote

“He’s letting you know he’s married to the game right from the jump,” someone said

“I’m doing this. LOL. What a way to troll,” a user commented

“She wasn’t expecting these comments,” a TikToker replied

In the end, @taypole went on a second date with him — to a golf course, obviously. She said he was “smart, funny and cute.” Hey, sometimes putting it all out there does work.

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