Mom has the ultimate hack for bed-wetting accidents: ‘Say goodbye to changing out sheets in the middle of the night!’

This mom has the ultimate hack for a quick and convenient bed-wetting clean up

About 15% of five-year-olds wet the bed. It’s a common occurrence, and one that usually goes away over time. 

TikTok user Lauren (@lauren.clutter) recommends using bedding that can be removed in one fell swoop, like a fitted sheet. Underneath this first layer should be a waterproof mattress cover, saving the mattress from staining, and speeding up clean up. 

The reveal under the waterproof mattress? Another fitted sheet!

That way, the bed is already made so you don’t have to go hunting for extra sheets in the middle of the night, and your child can go right back to sleep. Lauren keeps an extra blanket under her son’s bed to throw on top of the sheet, making for an easy seamless clean up. 

‘What a good idea!’

Viewers applauded Lauren’s hack, eager to try it out for themselves.

One user commented, “Why have I never thought to put two layers on? Genius!”

Another TikToker wrote, “What a good idea! Thank you! I have a vomiter…” The hack covers an array of messes! 

According to the Mayo Clinic, there isn’t one official cause for bed-wetting, and most children usually stop wetting the bed by age 7. If your child keeps wetting the bed, you may want to consult a doctor.

However, some other causes of bed-wetting (in children and adults) are a small bladder, a hormone imbalance, a urinary tract infection, diabetes, and chronic constipation. 

The most common side effect of bed-wetting is discomfort and embarrassment, especially for kids. Many kids don’t even feel comfortable discussing their bed-wetting with parents. Others fear sleepovers or naps because of the potential for an accident.

If you can, try to keep an open dialogue with your child so they aren’t afraid to broach the subject and get help if it’s necessary.

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