Baker calls out customer over ‘ridiculous’ request for their dog’s birthday cake

A bakery customer is facing backlash over their “ridiculous” cake order.

The customer shared their story in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. In the post, they explained that they commissioned their co-worker — who bakes and sells cakes in their off time — to craft something for their dog’s birthday.

They left out one crucial detail, though: They never told the baker that the cake was for a pet.

“Am I the a****** for commissioning a dog’s birthday cake from my coworker who thought it was for a human child? She’s mad I asked her to make ‘dog food,'” the user, writing under the name, OkGanache6351, explained in their post.

As it turned out, leaving out that information led to a massive argument, a canceled order and plenty of angry Reddit commenters.

‘I thought she knew this’

OkGanache6351 claims it should’ve been obvious they were ordering the cake for their dog, which they often refer to as their “baby” around the office.

“I thought she knew this. I don’t have any real children,” they wrote, adding that “it doesn’t help that my dog has a very human name.”

Apparently, the baker had already started on their cake when OkGanache6351 began making some seemingly strange requests. They wanted cream cheese instead of frosting, and asked for chicken stock inside the batter.

The cake-maker was confused. Then, OkGanache6351 finally revealed the truth – and the baker didn’t take it well.

“She didn’t reply for a while then called me and was like, ‘What dog?'” the customer wrote. “I told her it’s for my dog’s birthday party and she said, ‘Forget it, I’m not baking for a dog.’ She said she can’t believe I wasted her time by making her design a cake for a dog.”

‘You straight up lied’

OkGanache6351 told the baker she needed to finish the cake “since it’s her job” and because she’d already been paid.

The baker, meanwhile cancelled the order and sent OkGanache6351 a refund. Now the pet owner says they’re threatening to post bad reviews on their co-worker’s website.

OkGanache6351 asked Redditors for their opinion — and was met with plenty of backlash. Most commenters seemed to think they were in the wrong, calling their request “entitled” and “ridiculous.”

“She bakes and decorates cakes for HUMANS. That is her business,” one commenter wrote. “You also opened up a risk factor for her. She normally makes cakes that will not have ill effects on a human (assuming no allergies). She would have no way of knowing if the cake you wanted her to make would be OK for your dog to eat.”

“This is ridiculous. You did not communicate to her properly and this is completely on you,” another added.

“You straight up lied,” another wrote.

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