Baker depicts iconic Japanese art in sourdough scoring

You might be making tasty sourdough at home, but it probably doesn’t look as artful as this. 

Yumi is the creative foodie behind Instagram’s the Happy Hapa Kitchen. The account celebrates the cook’s Japanese and American heritage through food. The Happy Hapa Kitchen feed is full of baked goodies like mini black sesame palmiers and Hokkaido milk bread. In July, Yumi used sourdough to pay homage to one of the most famous works of art on the planet.

Katsushika Hokusai’s “Under the Wave off Kanagawa” or “The Great Wave” is one of the most recognizable woodblock prints in the world. The image of a small boat amidst a gorgeous blue wave in front of Mount Fuji is a part of the artist’s “36 Views of Mount Fuji” series created around 1830. 

Yumi scored the image into a loaf of sourdough with a shaving razor.

“Made possible only because I had the idea to check the men’s shaving section for double-edge razor blades,” Yumi wrote in the caption. “They’re much thinner and sharper than the hardware store ones I’d been using, so I can be a lot more precise! I used scissors to make the breaking waves.⁠”

The outline of the wave and Mount Fuji is carved into the brown rustic bread. While the powdery flour on the crust highlights the image.

“Like many people, I hopped onto the sourdough baking trend at the beginning of lockdown,” Yumi told In The Know. “I’d been looking for ways to bring more of my personality and mixed heritage into the food I cook, and the sourdough loaves that I bake every weekend presented endless opportunities to riff on my Japanese heritage!”

Many Instagram users were impressed by the dreamy (and tasty-looking) loaf. 

“Beautiful,” one user said

“Wow, this is so impressive,” another added. 

“This is amazing,” another wrote

Known as ukiyo-e art, these woodblock prints often depicted various aspects of Japanese life, like recreational activities, landscapes and even famous actors.

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