Baker makes eerie, life-sized cake replica of herself

Hyperrealistic cake baker Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin, Texas may have made her magnum opus. The confectioner opted to make a selfie cakea life-sized spitting image of Sideserf (from the neck up) filled with lime green buttercream cake and covered in modeling chocolate. 

Sideserf showed how she made the confection in her own image on her YouTube channel Sideserf Cake Studio

“Bust cakes are my favorite cakes to make because they’re so challenging,” she says in the video. “They are by far the most difficult cake to sculpt. […] That’s because capturing the likeness of a person is extremely difficult.”

For the dessert, Sideserf made the neck out of modeling chocolate to support the head, which she sculpted out of cake and coated in green buttercream. She covered the head in a thin layer of modeling chocolate. Then Sideserf used a sculpting tool to carve out her facial features and hair. For the finishing touches, she painted more details like the color of her eyes, eyebrows and lips with gel food color. 

The selfie cake nabbed over 900,000 views on YouTube. 

“I can’t even draw myself,” one user commented

“This isn’t a cake, this is a masterpiece,” another wrote

“You’re truly gifted,” someone added

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Sideserf talked about her journey with making hyperrealistic cakes in the video. 

“I have a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and I always treated cake as I would with any traditional art medium,” she says. “And that’s the reason that I came up with the idea of making my first realistic bust cake back in February 2013.” 

The cake was of singer Willie Nelson and went viral on Reddit. At the time, hyperrealistic cakes weren’t nearly us ubiquitous. The attention is why Sideserf started her cake studio and still runs it today. 

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