Baker makes hyperrealistic McDonald’s Egg McMuffin cake

Natalie Sideserf of Sideserf Cake Studio in Austin took inspiration from one of her favorite breakfast foods: a McDonald’s Egg McMuffin.

The baker’s specialty is hyperrealistic copycat cakes and this one is no exception. Sideserf’s McMuffin tutorial may create inner turmoil in some because the cake honestly looks so real. But that’s just a testament to her incredible skills.

To kick things off, Sideserf spreads neon green buttercream between two small cake discs. She rounds out the top and bottom edges with a serrated knife before coating the entire mound in a crumb coat of frosting. 

Next, Sideserf uses a rolling pin to flatten a chunk of ivory modeling chocolate. Then she covers the cake with it and trims off any excess from the skirt. She uses a sculpting tool to define the two English muffins and the egg layer by pressing the clay around the circumference.

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Sideserf then pokes a few indentations around the bottom layer’s rim to make the nooks and crannies. To add even more texture she crumbled up a piece of aluminum foil covered in plastic wrap and presses it onto the top layer of bread. 

Now it’s time to paint on the details. The baker uses ivory, yellow, brown and white gel food coloring for the light brown toasted English muffin and egg whites. Lastly, she attaches small bits of orange and pink modeling chocolate for the cheese and ham respectively.

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