Baker shows how to make a hyperrealistic bloody brain cake

Baker Natalie Sideserf of the Austin-based Sideserf Cake Studio is known for her hyperrealistic cakes. This time around she’s used her visionary skills to concoct a bloody brain cake. Who knew cake could make you feel so queasy just by looking at it?

“You might be asking yourself: why would anyone want a brain cake?” Sideserf says in the video. “But they’re actually pretty popular. I have made a brain for a brain surgeon, I have made brain cakes for people who have brought them to Halloween parties.”

Sideserf starts by stacking three 8-inch layers of red velvet cake. Next, she cuts off the sides of the cake with a serrated knife. Sideserf rounds off the top and bottom edges using the same knife. Then she carves the side and middle creases to shape the brain. Sideserf adds a thin layer of cream cheese frosting for the crumb coat. Afterward, she places the cake in the fridge to chill.

Now it’s time to start working the flesh-toned modeling chocolate. Protip: Sideserf says you can opt for fondant instead.

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To create the brain furls, Sideserf rolls the modeling chocolate into long tubes. She then grabs the cake from the fridge and places each strip onto its surface. After placing one inch of the tube, she turns it in a different direction to make the coils. Sideserf covers the whole brain, slightly pressing the furls down to flatten and secure them. It finally looks like a brain, but it wouldn’t be complete without its tasty, bloody coating.

Sideserf shouts out her husband, Dave, who premade the red goop by reducing frozen strawberries with water and sugar. He ran the sauce through a mesh strainer to remove the seeds and then thickened it using a cornstarch slurry.

The end result manages to look frightening and delicious. Strawberry sauce fills every crevice of the brain coil cake for a clinically, ghastly treat.

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