Baker’s unique wedding dress cake is almost too gorgeous to eat

Monara Cristina is the creative baker behind Confeitar Comsuccesso, a whimsical confectionary with unique treats. Cristina can pull off everything from a hyperrealistic pineapple cake to a classic birthday cake. The culinary aficionado posted a clip of one of her cake decorating techniques in July. Not only does the finished product look delicious and beautiful, but the process is also fascinating to watch.

Cristina begins with a cake shaped like the skirt of a wedding dress — complete with a topper of a woman’s bust on it. The baker uses cake piping to frost the cake as she rotates it on a Lazy Susan and then smoothes the icing out.

Next, she adds large verticle piping lines so that the cake dress looks pleated. After perfectly sculpting the pleats, Cristina adds frosting to the topper so that it looks like a sweetheart neckline.

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Now it’s time to paint. She adds a very light wash of pink food coloring onto the skirt. Finally, Cristina puts on a few finishing touches like a laced back made of frosting on the topper and dozens of tiny pearl embellishments. It’s a wedding cake fit for any blushing bride. 

The video received over 12,000 views. Instagram users were smitten with the adorable cake. 

“Wow,” one user said

“Brilliant,” an Instagram user wrote

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