TikTokers are furious at a balloon artist for her high prices and ‘unprofessional’ attitude

The entirety of TikTok has seemingly banded together against a balloon artist who many believe is overcharging her customers.

The artist, Kelsey Onstott, uses TikTok to promote her work. Her account, which has more than 156,000 followers, features everything from a front door install to a festive blue install for some new parents.

The video that really captured TikTok’s attention was uploaded on Oct. 18. In it, Onstott builds a $300 5-foot balloon mosaic in the shape of the letter H and complains that people have been leaving nasty comments on her videos telling her that she is robbing her clients blind. (For reference, she charges $500 for two 5-foot balloon number mosaics and $540 for a front door install that she admitted only took 45 minutes.)

“I’ve received a lot of really weird comments about my pricing in general, but especially the balloon mosaics. Someone commented and said, ‘That takes less than 30 minutes to make and you can get balloons from Party City for $5,'” she explained. “That’s just simply not true.”


Custom color 5ft balloon mosaic $300 – if you can go to party city and spend $5 on balloons and replicate this please duet me- thanks #fyp

♬ Taste It – Ikson

She then challenges anyone who is watching the video to “replicate” what she is making with Party City balloons in less than 30 minutes. “I’d love to see it,” she adds.

People were naturally angry about Onstott’s video. Though they wanted to defend the artist at first, most agreed that $300 was an “outrageous” price. Others noted that her “attitude” was another issue in and of itself.

“I was with you until the $300,” one person said.

“I’m all about supporting small businesses but you need to be realistic,” another added.

“The prices isn’t what concern me,” a third noted. “It’s her attitude toward potential customers. VERY unprofessional.”

Some creative users even decided to rise to the challenge and attempt to make a letter install.

One user, sarah.everyday.livin, bought some foam letter boards from a Dollar Tree and some balloons from Amazon and was able to make a giant letter N install for under $50.


Definitely less than $300, but took a lot more than 30 minutes #balloonletters #learnontiktok #tiktokpartner #diy #thatballoongirl @that_balloon_girl

♬ The Show – Lenka

Another user named fancynancyin5th made an adorable custom install for her son’s birthday — and though it took “a lot more than 30 minutes,” she also said it cost “less than $300.”

A third user named Mathew Jedeikin made a balloon mosaic in the shape of the letter L for his son using $60 worth of supplies at Target. It definitely took him more than 30 minutes, but it was also much less than $300.

If anything, it’s great that Onstott inspired so many people to unleash their creative sides!

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