Save your old banana peels to treat these pesky skin issues naturally

Not every part of our food is meant to be eaten. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find a secondary use for your food scraps. 

We tend to chuck our banana peels straight into the trash bin once we use our bananas. The next time you do that, you’ll want to think twice. Banana peels actually have numerous skin benefits and practical uses. Packed with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, they’re full of antioxidants and vitamins that can treat a ton of skin conditions. 

In The Know’s Phoebe Zaslav has got four ways to use a banana peel before you throw it away:

1. Relieve poison ivy, rashes and itchy skin

Rich in amino acids, vitamins A, B, C and E, banana peels are here to soothe dry, irritated skin. 

“The peels of bananas can actually help relieve rashes, poison ivy and itchy skin from bug bites,” she says. “The next time you have a skin issue that falls under those categories, try applying the inside of a banana peel to your skin.” 

2. Help clear acne 

Banana peels are rich in zinc and fatty acids, which can help in the treatment of acne. 

“Gently massage the inside of the peel to your skin for about 10 minutes. Do not immediately wash your face,” Phoebe explains. “In fact, if you can, wait until the end of the day to absorb the banana peels’ nutrients.” 

When you’re ready to take the mask off, be sure to rinse with cold water for the best results. 

3. Heal bruises on the skin

“Banana peels contain tons of antioxidants and potassium, both of which help heal dark spots or hyperpigmentation, leaving your skin looking healthier and more even,” Phoebe says. 

Just apply a small piece of the banana peel to a bruise, cover with a bandaid and let it sit overnight. Remove the bandaid the next morning and behold the results. 

4. Remove splinters 

Banana peels can actually make removing splinters way less painful and a lot less tedious. 

“Hold a piece of banana to the affected area for five to ten minutes,” she says. “In that time, the enzymes from the peel will help eject the wood from your skin.” 

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