Band officially changes song name to match fan’s ‘misspelled’ tattoo

The lead singer of a band went above and beyond to accommodate a fan who made a permanent mistake. 

Awsten Knight is the frontman and rhythm guitarist of the Houston pop-punk band Waterparks. The group is known to have some pretty rabid fans. Some of which are even willing to get tattoos to pay homage to the band. Such was the case with one fan who tried to get the name of a Waterparks song tattooed on their arm — and failed. 

Knight posted a TikTok of the unlucky fan’s tattoo — and there was no missing the mistake. 

“Someone’s tattoo artist misspelled the title of my band’s song, ‘See You In The Future’ by adding two ‘Ins,'” Knight explained in a caption. 

“See You In In The Future,” the tattoo read

But fortunately, Knight was able to turn the fan’s fail into a major win. The musician changed the name of the song across all streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes. 

Now when you look up the song it’s called, “See You In In The Future.” 

“Hey, I saw your tattoo and figured the least we can do is change the song title for u [sic],” Knight wrote to the tattooed fan on Twitter

Well, despite the nice gesture, we can only imagine fans with tattoos of the correct grammar are steaming right now. 

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