Who is Bando on TikTok and what does ‘in Bando we trust’ mean?

TikTok users are celebrating Bando, an influencer with 2.6 million followers that encourages men to cheat on women and women to put up with it. 

Here’s why people are saying “In Bando We Trust.” 

Who is Bando on TikTok?

Bando is the user @thouxanbandmike. Most of his videos look identical but they each have a different caption about infidelity. The video usually features Bando sitting on his bedroom chair, holding a video game remote controller and sheepishly looking at the floor. 

In one caption of a video with 1.8 million views he wrote: “I don’t date jus to date, I date to cheat.” 

Whether or not his videos are satirical is unclear since even male sociologists make specious claims that assert men should and have a right to cheat. 

The meaning of “In Bando We Trust

A play on the phrase, “In God we trust,” Bando’s fans are happy to declare “In Bando we trust,” instead. 

There are many people who subscribe to Bando’s relationship philosophy. Those who do tend to use the hashtags #trustinbando, #inbandowetrust and #thouxanbandmike

But others might use the hashtags to note when their partners are cheating. 

The hashtag #inbandowetrust has over 3.3 million views. 

More of Bando’s relationship philosophy 

“Yu only live once, so cheat on ya girl everyday,” Bando rhapsodized. 

“As ah girlfriend yu need to let your boyfriend cheat on yu, cheating is apart of his life,” he advised. 

“If ya girl gets ha hair done cheat on her, cause who she tryna look good for,” Bando told his followers. 

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