How to get the bangs filter on TikTok

Now you can finally see what you’d look like with bangs thanks to a popular TikTok feature. 

People are freaking out and others are feeling themselves after using the bangs filter. The simple feature makes bangs instantly appear on anyone’s head. While some people are finding out bangs aren’t for them, the filter is encouraging others to get the chop. 

“Why does this filter look so real?” @nanasilayro wrote in a caption

She was clearly feeling her new look as she played with her hair for the camera. 

But @audreytrullinger didn’t think the bangs filter was accurate at all. When she used it the bangs were black, while the rest of her hair was blonde. 

Meanwhile, @holla4adolla4 loved the look so much, she decided to get fringe after all. 

“I’m not gonna be fooled again… I had my bangs phase and it was a nightmare,” @dewymxnhwasis said in a video

How to get the bangs filter on TikTok

Step 1: Find the “Discover” tab. Search the term “bangs.” 

Step 2: Locate the “bangs” filter (there are many) created by the user @eren.dere. 

Step 3: Select the correct effect and record your video by holding the camera up to your face. The filter should automatically apply the bangs to your head. 

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