Woman makes wild discovery after logging into bank account on her phone

A TikToker is going viral after sharing how a bank account error led to her appearing to be “$50 billion in debt.”

The moment comes courtesy of a 22-year-old named Karina, who goes by the username @thatcroclady on TikTok. Her clip, which now has more than 2.6 million views, shows what she discovered when logging into her mobile banking app one day.

Somehow, she appeared to be $50 billion in debt (that’s billion, with a “B!”).

“I for real got hacked,” she captioned the post.


I for real got hacked

♬ original sound – Karina

Thankfully, it seems as though Karina wasn’t actually hacked, but the amount was striking. In her video, she explained that she contacted her bank about the issue.

“Customer service said, ‘Sorry about your concern, we’ll get back to you Monday or Tuesday,'” Karina claimed in the clip.

The mystery both confounded and shocked TikTok users, who shared all kinds of thoughts about the situation.

“Their system HAS to be glitching,” one user theorized.

“You need to control your spending,” another joked.

“You just took on the National Debt, thank you so much for your service,” another user wrote.

Meanwhile, other TikTokers claimed they’d seen similar videos about people finding massive deficits on their account — suggesting it was some sort of larger bank account error.

It’s still unclear what really happened to Karina’s account. Still, the TikToker did post an update claiming that her negative balance had been removed in her banking app. That said, she was still experiencing some sort of error that showed she had $0.


Reply to @rageaceus ##greenscreen final update to the saga? (yes I’m wearing my retainers)

♬ original sound – Karina

In the video, Karina suggested that the error had something to do with her age.

“For some reason, my account is still associated with my mom’s,” she explained. “And a lot of people have been saying that once you turn 21, your account can’t be associated with anyone but your own.”

It’s hard to know for sure what sparked the issue, though. Meanwhile, all the rest of us can do is hope we don’t wake up to the same thing one day.

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