Bar baffled by anonymous letter demanding menu item

A Philadelphia bar owner is scratching his head after receiving an anonymous letter.

The letter was addressed to the Memphis Taproom explaining that the writer had only just recently found out that their favorite menu item was no longer being served: the spaghetti and meatball hoagie.

“I had to sit down for a few minutes and regain my composure,” the letter says. “I am begging you to please reconsider putting this back on the menu. This is a staple in the community right now.”

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Memphis Taproom owner Ken Correll shared the letter on Facebook writing, “Even if I did know how to respond, there was no address. Kidnapper style.”

He jokingly dubbed the author “The Notorious Lehigh Valley Serial Vegan” (the “meatballs” in the sandwich are actually made out of lentils.)

Correll told BillyPenn that the sandwich has been off the menu for two years, so he wasn’t sure why someone was making the effort to type up a letter now.

While he doesn’t know who wrote the letter, the envelope and message give some clues. It has a postmark Lehigh Valley, Pa. and included an incorrect and racist name for the current pandemic.

“If anything is going to get us through this … it will be carbs on carbs on top of a carbs hoagie,” the letter concludes.

Correll was unimpressed with the phrase and mentioned in a comment on his Facebook that it was that wording that tipped him off it could just be an “analog troll.”

Correll also told the BillyPenn that the Memphis Taproom had received backlash after posting in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. He wasn’t sure if the letter was directly related to that.

Vegan spaghetti and meatballs is still on the menu at the Memphis Taproom and the kitchen is open to turning the entree into a sandwich.

Do anonymous letters spook you out? You’re not alone — read about the woman who was “terrorized” by anonymous letters for years.

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