Barber restores male hair loss and the transformations are drastic

Zack the Barber, as he is dubbed online and off, is the owner of Motley Crew Barber Co. The Massachusetts barber specializes in non-surgical hair replacements for men. Zack uses the Hairskeen system — a far more advanced way of installing synthetic hair than the toupees of the ’80s while looking natural and contemporary.

Zack posts his incredible hair transformations on his TikTok zackthebarber. The results are nothing short of dramatic. In a viral clip, Zack makes a customer look and feel his absolute best.

When he begins, the client has longer, shaggy brown hair and a slightly receding hairline. Although he largely has a full head of hair, Zack shaves the entire center of the man’s head completely bald. Then he applies a liquid adhesive. Zack glues on a long wig that matches the color and texture of the customer’s hair. But he’s not done yet. The barber trims and shapes the old and new hair to create a tapered but sharp haircut. 

The man’s hairline is no longer receding and his shaggy locks are now manicured and trendy. Although only the top half of the client’s face is visible because he is wearing a protective mask, from the hair alone, the before and after is drastic. 

The makeover racked up over 473,000 views on TikTok

“Bless you for helping people gain so much confidence in themselves. Barbers and stylists don’t get enough credit,” one user wrote

“I want to normalize this. Women wear so many wigs, these toupees look awesome,” another said

“Went from Alexander Hamilton to Alexander DAMNilton,” one person joked

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