Base Butter is on a mission to bring ease back into skin care

In The Know is proud to celebrate National Black Business Month. During this month, our team will highlight a wide range of Black-owned brands. We encourage you to support today and beyond.

Base Butter isn’t just a beauty brand. It is very much a lifestyle.

Two Black women pioneered the brand on a simple quest to make skin care easy for others. The duo, She’Neil Johnson-Spence and Nicolette Graves, knew that skin care could get complicated. Instead, they wanted to tackle skin care with “easy to understand products, simple to follow routines and expert information that can be easily applied.”

Before they became founders, She’Neil and Nicolette were experimenters who constantly looked for ways to tackle their individual skin concerns and “create solutions for our own oily, combination, and acne prone skin.” Today, the two have a beauty brand that is slowly democratizing the incredible world of beauty – one product at a time.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, the bleak reality is that Black founders continue to have harder barrier points of entry. A recent McKinsey report noted that Black entrepreneurs, on average, start with $35,000 in capital compared to $107,000 for their white counterparts.

Building a brand, especially as a Black business owner, is no easy feat. However, Base Butter and countless other beauty brands are proving that it is indeed possible.

When it comes to building a legacy, and more importantly, advice for the next brand founder, the two prioritize trusting one’s gut. “The best way to learn is from experience. At the end of the day, you know what is best for your company. Do not question your gut because of someone smarter or who has been in business longer than you told you otherwise,” the duo told Rolling Out magazine in 2018.

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Radiate Face Jelly, $21

Credit: Base Butter

This is a lightweight moisturizer that revitalizes your skin with an aloe vera gel base. It has evening primrose that boosts the skin’s elasticity with omega-6 fatty acids, lavender that regulates sebum secretion, and tea tree that penetrates the skin to disinfect. 

Sustainable Makeup Remover and Pre-Cleansing Cloths, $12

Credit: Base Butter

These sustainable makeup clothes have tiny fibers that help lift dirt up and away from your skin. Some can even use this as a pre-cleansing experience before going in with their cleanser.

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