TikTok users issue dire warning after woman’s shocking basement discovery

TikTokers are on high alert after a woman shared an unexpected basement find.

The woman, TikTok user @bridgetkrystal, posted a video explaining that she noticed something yellow tucked in the heating duct in her basement while waiting for her washing machine to finish running.

The video then showed her reach up and grab a yellow envelope filled with a huge wad of cash.

“We just moved here about six months ago,” she said. “Are you serious right now? Is this real?”

The post used the “Money Mantra” sound, which original poster King Soon said is a “money curse breaker.” TikTokers have used sounds like this to “manifest” money.

In the video, @bridgetkrystal put the money she had apparently just found on display, fanning it out for her audience to see. Commenters were quick to question whether that was a good idea.

“If I found that, not a soul on earth would know about it,” one user wrote.

“I would never post about this,” another said.

“This feels like bad luck,” a third remarked. “Why would you share this online?”

In a follow-up post, @bridgetkrystal said there weren’t any other envelopes — just the single wad of $2,680 worth of bills.

“I’m doing what I think is right,” she said.

She also claimed that she doesn’t live in that house anymore, so she’s not at risk of violence if someone comes back to the basement looking for the money. However, she said she notified the original owner of the house about what she found.

Though many commenters mused that the money might belong to mob members or be related to illicit activity, @bridgetkrystal’s responses implied she thinks someone just hid their money there because they didn’t want to take it to the bank and just forgot about it.

No matter where the money came from, it’s clear her plan isn’t to keep it for herself.

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